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Product destruction

For the destruction of products you can contact Klein Recycling. There are various reasons for destroying a product. For example, confiscated goods, items with a production error or damage, products that are out of date or not allowed for other reasons. If these goods do come on the market, your company can suffer a lot of damage.

As a certified and reliable company, Klein Recycling regularly ensures the destruction of various products for our clients. This product destruction is, of course, carried out in a responsible manner and environmentally friendly way.

Below you will find some examples:

  • Food related products
  • Long-standing products
  • Imitation goods
  • Under Customs supervision
  • Without Customs supervision

Our company finds a solution for every type of material and prepares it for destruction.

Destruction of confidential material

At Klein Recycling, your administration or other sensitive documents are treated confidentially. These are processed by us in a confidential and environmentally friendly manner and made suitable as a raw material for the paper-processing industry.

As an FNOI certified company you can be sure that your archives will be treated in a reliable and discreet manner.

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Waste problem big, solution Klein