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Old paper is resource, not waste

85% of Dutch paper and cardboard is already collected and processed into raw material for the paper industry. This percentage makes the Netherlands the leader in Europe. All paper and cardboard, that is collected and received by Klein Recycling, is sorted at our certified location in Vierpolders and processed into a raw product for the recycling industry.

Less waste through separation. By creating mono streams, waste can be used as a raw material.

Klein Recycling has recognized at the early stage the importance of paper recycling. Our aim is an optimal recycling of many types of paper waste. Every kind of paper is given new life. Thanks to the unique location near the ports of Rotterdam, thousands of tons of paper streams from municipalities, waste collectors, production companies and other industries find their way to Klein Recycling every year.

Collection of various paper flowsCollection of various paper flows
Transport of paper flowsTransport of paper flows
Processing / sorting of paper flowsProcessing / sorting of paper flows
Raw material ready for the paper industryRaw material ready for the paper industry

National and international trading

The selling of this paper and cardboard is both national and international. In selected paper and cardboard factories, in the Netherlands and abroad, these raw materials are processed into pulp. This pulp is the new raw material for paper and cardboard products.
As a result, this optimizes the use of recycled paper and helps the environment.

Excess stock

Additionally, spot lots, made from paper for which there is no longer a user market, can still be used as a new raw material thanks to us. Spot lots that do not consist entirely of paper are processed by our expert staff to clean paper stream. These are then still suitable for the paper processing industry. This way, your paper streams get a new life and the environment will be spared.

Archive processing

You can also contact us for archive processing. This is done discretely by us with care, as a certified company. Klein Recycling has a variety of containers and logistical resources available for the collection of paper, cardboard and archives. The size of the containers and logistical resources depends on the needs of the relation and the quantity of paper, cardboard and archives.


We work according to the latest European and International environmental laws and regulations. As a certified company with the FNOI quality mark, you can be sure that your paper and cardboard flows are recycled in an environmentally responsible manner and are used as raw materials for the paper industry. The collection is also carried out in accordance with the regulations for collecting waste from the NIWO.

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Waste problem big, solution Klein