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At Klein recycling we strive to give your waste a meaningful second life.

In addition to paper, plastic and metals, which made Klein Recycling the company it is today, we build a strong network of partners to recycle your waste in a sustainable, innovative and responsible way.

With the right collecting, sorting and processing of residual and waste streams we create a new high-quality raw materials that can be used  several industries. The waste that cannot be used as a high-quality raw material can be used as an energy source.

Klein Recycling collects all their waste in South-Holland (Randstad area). From collecting paper to changing stationary press containers, we can also specialize to your needs. We can make solutions for more specific needs of waste streams. Our years of experience in this branch makes us perfect to find a responsible way to come to a solution which fits your needs and is also very beneficial.

Company waste

From your ordinary garbage container to big press containers.

Residual waste from your company is very similar to your waste at home. This waste can come from offices, stores, companies and a variety of industries. We collect this waste using 1100L containers. When larger volumes are offered, we use larger open containers of 20/40 m3 or containers with a press. You can find them in our inventory.

Construction- or scrapping waste

Container type: 6m³ to 20m³.

This type of waste comes from small or large rebuilds, home development, renovations and demolition projects. A few examples are wood, paper, cardboard, debris, plastics, metals or other recyclable materials. These types of waste require the 6m3 to 20m3 containers which you can find in our inventory.


Wood waste

Container type: 6m³ to 40m³.

Wood waste, depending on the state, can be re-used or can be used as a source of energy. We split them up in three categories; A-wood, B-wood and C-wood. Type A woods are not fertilized, unvarnished and untreated. Type B and C woods are of a lower quality and have remains of paint or glue. Type A and B are recycled most of the time, and can be used as materials for the production of pallets, bobbins or chipboards. Type C can be used as a source for sustainable energy at bio-energy power plants. This is where they use the 6m3 to 40m3 container type, which you can find in our inventory.


Hazardous waste

Only possible upon request.

Hazardous waste is waste that is dangerous to humans, animals or the environment. These include heavy metals, polychlorinated biphenyls or chemicals. Oils, oil-filters, batteries, solvents or stain baths are also considered hazardous. By working with reputable parties this waste can be collected, transported and processed in a safe way. Want to know more about hazardous waste? Contact us and ask about the possibilities.

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Together with our expert advisers you can find the right solution for your waste problem.

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